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Energy Surveys

Do you know if your paying for energy you don't need? If the answers yes or don't know, then we can help with an energy survey. If we can't save you money we will tell you why and you can be happy that you have done the right thing. If we can save you money we will give you an indication of how much you could save. So how does it work?

For Business

  • Initial appraisal (usually free of charge) to give you an indication of what savings can be made and what would be involved..

If savings can be made we will, with your agreement

  • Produce a lighting schemes with budgets, plus an indication of any grants or other Government funding that may be available.
  • Supply the materials, arrange the install
  • Complete the grant/loan forms for the funding.

For Domestic Customers

Let us see your plans then we can advise on:

  • Down lighters and general lighting
  • Decorative fitting, colour and colour changing
  • Lighting control and scene setting
  • Designs and specifications>

Specialising in LED Lighting for Business and Home