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Light Design at PME

Our lighting design service offers you the opportunity to improve your lighting whilst reducing your energy usage!

The good news does not stop there. If you are a business and can save the require amount of CO2 you may be eligible for a Carbon Trust 0% Loan, an Enhanced Capital Allowance against your Corporation Tax and even a "Green Grant" from one of the energy saving organisation.

We are a Carbon Trust - Registered Equipment Supplier and as such we do the form filling for you so it gets even better.

Our lighting designs are done to deliver the right light for the job, taking into consideration the building and its use. We start with the CIBSE Lighting Guidelines which propose levels that enable safe productive use of the area. From our extensive knowledge of the lighting and luminaires available we select suitable products and calculate the number and position of the fittings to give optimum performance taking account of glare and shadow as appropriate.

We will look at the practicalities of owning the system. The ease of installation and maintenance etc. If you are looking to apply to the Carbon Trust we will work out the savings and we will look at payback periods and savings.

We will supply the material for your Contractor or Electricians to install or supply a complete package.

Look at our Projects pages to see a selection of work we have done